If the CO2mmander® II fails to deliver the CO2, please use the following troubleshooting options: NOTE: Make sure to DISENGAGE the device before inserting, or replacing, a cartridge • Check your Tubing Attachment to ensure that the connections are secure. • Be sure that you are using a fresh CO2 cartridge and that the air has not been totally expressed from the cartridge. • Be sure that the Cartridge is screwed in tightly enough to puncture the CO2 cartridge and start the flow of gas. • If you hear a continuous leaking of gas after the initial puncture and have not depressed the Activation Button, do not use the unit and contact us immediately for service. • Check the tubing for any crimping or blockage. • If you have inserted a good cartridge that has never been used, but you are still not getting gas: a. Disconnect any tubing from the luer fitting on the CO2mmander®II. b. Ensure that the cartridge is securely in place by twisting it slowly in a clockwise direction until you feel resistance. c. Try to further ENGAGE the device by turning the adjustment knob in a clockwise direction until you see movement on the pressure gauge. d. If there is still no gas emitting from the exit port, and the device is engaged as much as possible, you may need to remove the black O ring under the adjustment knob. This is accomplished by disengaging the device by turning the Adjustment Knob in a counter clockwise direction several times until the black O ring under the Adjustment Knob is visible. Remove the O ring by using pliers or nip it with a small scissor or tissue nipper. e. Now, engage the device again and deliver the gas. f. If you still get no gas after following these steps, you can start to loosen the cartridge from the device SLOWLY. Do not remove the cartridge, but do listen for gas emitting from the Cartridge Port. g. If you hear gas leaking out slowly, confirming that there is gas in the cartridge, quickly re-tighten the cartridge. h. You will then need to call the Company 239.731.6200 for support. If, after following these troubleshooting options, your device still fails to deliver CO2, you may contact the dealer from which you purchased the device; or contact PMDA, LLC directly.