GOLDEN RULE: Never touch the Cartridge unless you have disengaged the Device. This means when taking a cartridge out, OR putting a cartridge in, Disengage the Device first. NOTE: You should only use approved Medical-Grade CO2 cartridges with the CO2mmander® II Device. B efore installing the cartridge, make sure that the Adjustment Knob is loosened 3 or 4 turns counter-clockwise (DISENGAGED). Be sure to use a cartridge that is threaded at one end for use with the CO2mmander® II. At the bottom of the CO2mmander® II is a 1” port for the acceptance of the cartridge. Carefully screw the CO2 cartridge into this port until you feel a slight resistance. This resistance indicates that you have pierced the seal on the cartridge. Continue to screw the cartridge in until it is secure and no hissing sound is heard. Do not force, or over-tighten the cartridge. You are ready to begin regulating the pressure of the CO2. NOTE: If you hear a continuous leaking of gas after the initial puncture without having pressed the Activation Button, check the segment on TROUBLESHOOTING. Now, you can slowly screw the Adjustment Knob in a clockwise direction (downward toward the unit) until the desired flow is reached on the Pressure Indicator. Hold the Activator Button down as you Engage the device to get a reading of approximately 8-10 psi on the Pressure Gauge. When the Activator Button is released the Pressure Gauge will read higher than what was set. Don’t worry; this is only the ’loading pressure.’ Once the Activator Button is pressed again, the Pressure Gauge should again read the pressure at which it was set.