WARNINGS and PRECAUTIONS • Make sure connections are secure to prevent the introduction of room air into the system. • Finger-tighten all connections with caution as over-tightening can create cracks and/or leaks. • Carefully read all instructions prior to use. • Inspect device and packaging for damage prior to use. • Do not use product if packaging or product have been damaged as it could result in contamination of the patient. • Ensure that products not belonging to this set are compatible and read their instructions for use carefully. • Single-use only. Do not re-use this device. Do not re-sterilize this device. Reuse or resterilization could result in damage to the product and/or contamination of the patient. • US Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed practitioner. Use only sterile techniques when handling this device. • Be sure all tubing is free from crimp or bends. • Do not re-use any parts of this system to avoid incompatibilities. • Discard in accordance with acceptable medical practices and applicable regulations. • Do not alter this device. • Use a low-pressure system or regulate to pressure not exceeding .6895 bar or 10psi. • If the syringe fails to draw or deliver properly, check for a crimp in hose, or verify the direction of flow through the valve. • Be certain gases used in this system have passed validated performance specifications including, for example, accuracy, and sensitivity. • Do not connect to any source with pressure exceeding .689474 bar or 10psi.